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Paddle Boarding is great for the body and mind

Hi Everyone, thanks for taking the time to have a look at Norfolk Paddle Boards, please share to all your friends and family – it’s a wonderful activity to make incredible lasting memories.

A little something about us;

Norfolk Paddle Boards was set up in the year we all got locked down, had to keep distant from each other, the year that changed lives for ever.
The way we live and interact with each other has taken a new direction. We now have different routines, rules and guidance on how we must live our lives.
During this pandemic my life enabled me to stop and take notice of what’s right here in Norwich – I’ve been able to fall in love with Norwich all over again. Appreciate its rich history, culture and architecture. without the hustle and bustle of life unintentionally covering it up.


Learn a new hobby

See life from a new perspective

Make new memories


My most favourite walks I have been on have usually been along the river or at the coast. We have miles of water ways made up of rivers streams and lakes that in the past I have not spent enough time at. In the past when life has been hard I used to spend a lot of time at the coast. I had forgotten just how much it helps me by spending time there. One of my favourite things to do is sit alone on the beach hut steps in Wells Next The Sea and let the sea air and beautiful un spoilt views clear my mind.

Our earth is covered by 70% of water yet I spend most of my time on land, in an office in a car. I want to see Norwich and Norfolk from a different perspective and I want as many people to also experience the wonder of our ‘Fine City’ and glorious county no longer staring at our screens rushing around being guided by arrows and queues but by the steady flow of our rivers, seeing the trees, hearing the birds and taking time to enjoy what we were all given. So, I bought the best Paddle Boards to give people the chance to try something different.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to paddle boarding or an expert – I know that our Redpaddle Co SUP’s will enable you to feel safe and get the most out of your adventure. If you are going to do something for the first time or just fancy doing something different in your down time, I want you to have the best time doing it on the best boards with the best accessories on some of the best waterways in the UK. All of this for small price compared to buying a board yourself.

SUP is something everyone can try

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