Child Safe and Child Friendly Environment Policy and Procedures 

Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd supports a child safe and child friendly environment. 

Child-safe means taking steps to keep children safe from physical, sexual or emotional abuse. 

Child-friendly means kids are valued, respected and included so they feel confident they will be listened to. 


Policy and procedures are implemented to protect children from physical, sexual or emotional abuse. Children are valued, respected and included so they feel confident they will be listened to. 

All staff are encouraged to 

  • treat everyone with respect and honesty. 
  • remember to be a positive role model to children in all conduct with them. 
  • set clear boundaries about appropriate behaviour between staff and children. 
  • follow policy and guidelines of the safety of children. 
  • record and act on serious complaints of abuse. 


Staff should not ;

  • develop any ‘special’ relationships with children that could be seen as favouritism such as the offering of gifts or special treatment. 
  • do things of a personal nature that a child can do for themselves, such as going to the toilet or changing clothes. 


Positive Role Model includes: 

  • Demonstrating correct water activity techniques and etiquette. 
  • Talking positively about the sport and those around you. 
  • Do not make disparaging remarks about others around you, even if they are doing the wrong thing. 
  • Dress appropriately for the water activity including wearing hat, sunscreen, etc. 
  • Have good health habits. Be clean. 
  • Do not swear or use inappropriate language. 
  • Care for equipment and the environment. 

Appropriate Touching and Coaching Behaviour 

Staff must refrain from touching clients at all times. Touching the client would only be appropriate when you want to push a client onto a wave. In these cases, only push from the client’s heel.  If you do need to touch the client, ask the clients permission and explain what you are going to do. All staff should not make sexual, or other, comments about clients or other people in the water, at any time, when conducing water activities. 

Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd protects children by ;

  • carefully selecting and screening staff and completing interviews and referee checks 
  • staff are required to pay for and complete DBS check before starting work 
  • implementing professional behaviour standards through codes of conduct or similar guidelines 
  • developing child protection and complaint management policies 
  • ensuring volunteers working with children are supervised at all times 
  • having an adult present or in sight when conducting one to one coaching instruction 
  • providing child protection information to staff and volunteers 
  • Some measures Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd does to include children are: 
  • Having them responsible for their own equipment – e.g. carry own board, sort out their gear, cleaning equipment 
  • Wearing appropriate clothing 
  • Asking them where they should go in the water, based on the relevant conditions 
  • Using language appropriate for children 
  • Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd Owner is responsible for implementing child safe and child friendly policies and procedures. Policy review is conducted annually at time of audit. 
  • All staff sign the Staff Declaration form, prior to commencing employment, that: 
  • they are aware of, and undertake to abide by, the child safe and child friendly environment policy and procedures 
  • that they are aware of, and undertake to comply with, the Child Protection legislative and regulatory requirements 
  • they have no criminal charges pending before the court, nor disciplinary proceedings brought against the staff member by an employer, sporting organisation or similar body involving child abuse, sexual misconduct or harassment, acts of violence, intimidation or other forms of harassment.

2. Child Abuse and Mandatory Reporting Legislation 

Child abuse is illegal in most countries. Any person may report cases of child abuse. There are also mandatory reporting requirements of child abuse that specifies certain persons are required to report cases of child abuse.  It is the policy of Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd , for all staff (paid and voluntary), to report all types of possible or known child abuse, for children under 16 years of age, to the designated Member Protection Officer at Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd or to contact the police. All staff associated with Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd should be aware of the indicators for child abuse and sexual abuse so that they may make an informed decision on what to report. 

Notification Procedures for Allegations of Child Abuse 

Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd acknowledges that issues regarding child abuse and the reporting of allegations of child abuse is highly sensitive, and should be dealt with in a confidential manner. 

To deal appropriately with these issues and to ensure that the confidentiality of all parties involved is maintained, one person within Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd will be designated as the Member Protection Officer. 

The Member Protection Officer is responsible for reporting any allegations of child abuse that occur at Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd to the relevant authorities. If the Member Protection Officer is not available then the most senior person within Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd should be notified. 

If you have reasonable grounds to suspect that a child participating in any organised activities conducted by Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd is at risk report the matter to the Member Protection Officer. 

The Member Protection Officer will: 

  • contact the relevant authorities 
  • complete the Confidential Record of Child Abuse Allegation form 

If an incident of child abuse occurs, it is not the responsibility of persons within Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd to take it upon themselves to determine whether the allegation is true or false. This responsibility belongs to the relevant authorities. 

All matters regarding allegations of child abuse are to be treated as confidential. The person designated as the Member Protection Officer is the contact person for any incident involving allegations of child abuse. This is essential for confidentiality. Confidentiality protects all individuals involved – the alleged victim, the alleged offender, and the person making the notification. 

3. “Working with Children Check” Legislation 

Some countries also have legislation that requires screening/checking of persons working with children under 18 years of age.  Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd keeps current copies of staff  DBS Scheme. Staff administering Working with Children Check information are obligated to keep any information, received as a result of screening, confidential.