Code of Practice

Code of Practice 

Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd is committed to high standards of education and training and other water related services. 

The Code of Practice covers: 

  • Ethics 
  • Anti-discrimination 
  • Child safe and child friendly environment 
  • Occupational health and safety 
  • Sexual harassment 
  • Privacy 
  • Environment 
  • Compliance with government regulation 
  • Insurance 
  • Instructors qualifications and experience 
  • Marketing and advertising 

Code of Practice Ethics 

Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd undertakes to act at all times in an ethical manner. All activities of Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd will be carried out honestly, fairly, accurately and so as to give value to clients. 

Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd will maintain high standards of financial probity and marketing and advertising integrity. All training program delivery will benefit clients through high standards of education and training, up to date methods, quality equipment and materials and expert staff. 

Anti Discrimination 

Anti discrimination policies are incorporated into the Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd operational procedures. Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd prohibits discrimination towards any group or individuals in any form, inclusive of gender, pregnancy, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or ethno-religious background, marital status, physical or intellectual or psychiatric disability, or any organism capable of causing disease, homosexuality (male or female, actual or presumed), age. 

Child Safe and Child Friendly Environment

Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd supports a child safe and child friendly environment. Policies and procedures are implemented to protect children from physical, sexual or emotional abuse. Children are valued, respected and included so they feel confident they will be listened to. Supervising staff members are carefully selected and screened for their suitability for working with children. All staff are aware of child protection policy and legislation. 

Health and Safety 

The safety of staff and students is of primary importance in all activities carried out by the Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd. Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd observes all occupational health and safety legislation and copies of where to access the relevant Act are available to staff. Supervising staff members and trainers must incorporate health and safety considerations when planning and delivering training, and supervise accordingly. Identified risks are recorded and managed according to the Risk Management Policy and recorded in the Risk Management Register. 

Sexual Harassment

Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd is committed to ensuring that the working environment is free from sexual harassment (both staff and clients). Any acts of sexual harassment will not be tolerated and disciplinary action will be taken including reporting the offence to the relevant authorities. 


Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd abides by the Privacy Act, and has implemented privacy principles to protect the privacy of clients’ information. These principles include: non-disclosure of a client’s personal details to any unauthorised person, and non- disclosure of details of training and assessment conducted for any client to any unauthorised person. 


Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd is conscious of the delicate nature of our environment, particularly in parks and coastal areas. All activities carried out by the Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd are done so to provide minimal impact to these environments. 

Compliance With Government Regulation

Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd complies with all relevant local, state and government regulations covering the operation of Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd. 


Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd maintains up to date and adequate insurance. Other insurance cover is obtained as required by government legislation. 

Instructors Qualifications and Experience 

Lessons are only delivered by accredited instructors who have demonstrated specific water activity skill and knowledge and hold current WSA/ British Canoe or ASI Rescue and Senior First Aid certificates. 

Marketing and Advertising

Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd is committed to integrity, accuracy, and professionalism in its marketing activities. The information provided to clients will avoid vague or ambiguous statements and false or misleading comparisons with other providers or programs. 

Customer Service

 Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd is committed to providing exceptional customer service to clients.