Health and Safety Policy and Procedure

Health and Safety 

Policy, Legislative and Regulatory Requirements 

Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd identifies and complies with relevant government laws for: 

  • health and safety 
  • anti-discrimination 
  • workplace harassment and victimisation 
  • sexual harassment 
  • child protection 
  • environment 
  • privacy 
  • copyright 
  • government compliance 

Health and Safety Policy and Procedure 

The safety and health of staff and clients is of primary importance in all activities carried out by Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd .

Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd observes all Health and Safety legislation and copies of where to obtain the relevant laws are available to staff and clients and will be made aware of any new changes through WSA.

Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd are required to ensure the workplace is safe and healthy and to identify the role of different groups of people (e.g. employer, employees) in carrying out these requirements. 


Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd is committed to: 

  • ensuring a safe and healthy working and learning environment for staff, students and the general public in all work environments. 
  • regular health and safety consultation with staff, contractors and suppliers of equipment and services, to ensure that occupational health and safety management is of the highest standard. 
  • improving health and safety performance by implementing pro-active risk management strategies and providing training to keep hazards to the minimum practical level. 


The aim of health and safety legislation is to reduce the risk of a person’s death, injury or illness due to the conduct of the employer’s business while that person is at the employer’s place of work. 

Duty of Care generally is a part of health and safety legislation. Duty of Care requires everything ‘able’ to be done to protect the health and safety of others at the workplace.

It is the responsibility of all at Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd personnel to care for their own and others’ health and safety at the workplace, whilst carrying out work activities or using specified 

equipment. This includes employers, contractors, volunteers, self employed persons, persons in charge of the workplace and manufacturers. 

Employers must: 

  • provide and maintain a safe and healthy workplace 
  • provide safe equipment and systems 
  • provide training and supervision in relation to safe work practises 

Employees and visitors must: 

  • comply with instructions in relation to health and safety 
  • use protective clothing as appropriate 
  • knowingly or recklessly not interfere with anything that is provided for workplace health and safety 
  • knowingly not put others at risk 
  • knowingly not injure themselves 

All staff sign a Staff Declaration form, prior to commencing employment, indicating they have read and understood the Risk Management Plan. 

Safe Work Procedures 

Safe work procedures are used at Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd to ensure that tasks and work practises are performed in a safe manner with minimal risk. 

Safe Work Procedures are written guidelines for work procedures where a potential hazard exists. These are documented in the Risk Management Plan. 

Supervising staff members and trainers must incorporate health and safety requirements when planning and delivering training. 

Incident reporting and investigation 

Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd has an incident report procedure. Workplace incidents are fully investigated with appropriate remedial actions put into place.  


Hazardous substances 

Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd uses minimal hazardous substances. These are generally limited to cleaning and repair agents for boards Hazardous substances are identified and staff are trained accordingly in use and storage. There are no bleaches or corrosive substances COSH sheets can be provided and will have a separate folder labelled COSH. 


Manual handling 

Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd recognises that manual handling of equipment, particularly, boards may represent a hazard to staff and clients. 

Manual handling risks are identified and appropriate controls are implemented and monitored. Staff and clients are trained in correct manual handling. 

Health and Safety Training 

Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd provides health and safety information and training as part of the induction program and on an ongoing basis as applicable. Training qualifications and records are kept on the employee’s file. 

Workplace Inspections 

Given the changing nature of weather and conditions in the outdoor workplace, workplace inspections are carried out prior to each water activity to ascertain safe conditions for staff and clients. These checklists are documented and filed. 

Regular workplace inspections are carried out to ensure compliance with regulatory authorities and safety checks on equipment. 

Refer to: Risk Management Registers for the relevant water activity