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With Norfolks Leading Paddle Board Company

Getting the team together.

In times of great change in the workplace, consistent recognition can help employees feel connected, fulfilled, and empowered to do their best work. It increases their sense of belonging and makes them want to stay. A consistent flow of employee recognition creates a workplace culture and community where people thrive. Giving your team something to look forward to (besides Christmas!) shows them that you care, making them more likely to care back. Breaking up the year with an additional celebration reduces the likelihood of burnout and often leaves staff feeling refreshed afterwards.

“There really is nowhere else we'd rather go for our summer work social than Norfolk Paddleboards! Lee and the team always make it seamless from start to finish - we usually have about 20 paddlers of varying abilities on the water, and NPB put even the most nervous paddler at ease. The paddle, pint and burger deal is great value, and it's a highlight in our work calendar every year..”

Rebecca, Editor at ITV Anglia

We have different options to suit your teams needs.


Just Hire

Hire your equipment from us with on land instructions from our dedicated team before setting off on  a 2 hour paddle.



Instructed Paddle and Games

Need some on the water guidance, no problem! we have qualified instructors who can be there to teach, coach and guide your team along the river. We can also throw in some fun on the water games to get people involved as well. 


Something a little different

Want something more? We are linked with The Sauna Box, a wood fired  Sauna and Ice bath experience which the team can enjoy through out your session.