Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd are committed to minimising both natural and social environmental impact. 

Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd aims to have minimal impact on the environment. Staff and clients are encouraged to: 

  • not disturb fauna and flora 
  • have respect for cultural and heritage sites 
  • minimise impact on other water and other beach users 

Environmental impacts are identified and managed according to the Risk Management Register. 

All staff sign the Staff Declaration form, prior to commencing employment, that they are aware of, and undertake to comply with, the Environment legislative, regulatory requirements and identified risks. 

Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd abides by all environment legislation that applies to all the activities. 

Laws and regulations protecting the environment vary between countries. 

Parks and wildlife: Conserves and protects state parks and wildlife including habitats, ecosystems and biological diversity, landscapes and natural features, objects of cultural significance. 

Culture and heritage: Conserves and protects land and cultural sites. 

Recreational vehicles: Prohibits driving on land that is not a public road or recreation vehicle area. 

Coastal protection and management: Protects, enhances, maintains and restores coastal environments, including ecosystems, ecological processes and biological diversity and water. 

Vegetation: Protects native vegetation noting that they contribute to such matters as water quality, biodiversity, or the prevention of salinity or land degradation.