Norfolk Paddle Boards is delighted to be working with the guys at Planet Patrol to help with the fight against pollution.

Planet Patrol exists to protect our planet and wildlife by addressing the pressing threats of litter and the single-use culture.  a movement of people working for a cleaner future. With your help we can continue their mission to stop pollution at the source.

We are part of the challenge to ensure our future is free of single-use materials and pollution


Why does litter matter?


Litter is unsightly – it ruins views, river walks, countryside rambles and drives.

Diminished land

An area degraded by rubbish becomes less visited, footpaths become neglected and, says Campaign for Rural England (CPRE), can lead to the land being brought for development.

Danger to wildlife

 The RSPCA receives 7,000 calls a year about litter-related incidents, from badger cubs with plastic can holders embedded in their necks to hedgehogs with their heads wedged in empty tins.


“Littering reduces people’s sense of well-being and attracts crime”, says Ogden-Newton of Keep Britain Tidy. The famous ‘Broken Windows’ theory posits that littering and vandalism create an atmosphere of disarray and lawlessness, encouraging greater criminal behaviour.


Fly-tipping of garden waste can allow invasives such as Japanese knotweed to spread.


£7m is spent on clearing up litter and £56m on removing chewing gum from pavements. In 2014/15, local authorities in England spent nearly £50million on clearing fly tipping.


8 million tonnes of plastic enter the oceans every year, and increases every year. By 2050 there could be more plastic in the ocean than fish. This is an environmental catastrophe affecting all life, including ourselves. We are responsible. Plastic and rubbish is entirely man-made. Every single piece of rubbish you see is a direct result of our actions.

Individual Responsibility

We all have individual responsibility to behave better. This includes thinking about the way we shop, cook, and clean. understanding what waste we are creating. We build natural habits that stop us from thinking about the ‘bigger picture’ take some time to assess the waste you are creating and look for ways to reduce where possible.

We are currently going through a global pandemic which has unfortunately resulted in increased packaging and waste. I also believe that we have become unaware of just how much litter gathers in villages, towns and cities. We have become used to seeing it amongst the bushes and vegetation whilst out on our walks. 

Next time you are out and about, look for it and you will see it! Then, get in touch by clicking below and we will get you some equipment to help you make a difference

Commercial Responsibility

The Planet Patrol Business Pledge provides companies with a free, simple and cost effective checklist to eliminate single use plastics that threaten the natural world. You can lead the way, engage your customers and do good business while doing good for the environment.

Businesses can lead the way in solving the problem. Do you want to show your customers that you are committed to protecting the planet? Are you aspirational and want to take action?

Our Pledge Mark is awarded to businesses that demonstrate a serious and open commitment to eliminating single use plastics.

Register your interest to take the Planet Patrol Business Pledge.



The Planet Patrol app is the first ever reliable and freely available tool to identify global pollution trends.

It’s now used to log all litter in a database of real-time information about pollution. If you see it, we want to know about it.

Download the app and add to the map.

Our ambition is to conduct a world leading survey of inland plastic pollution, and with your help we can collect enough data to drive global changes at both community and governmental level. The contributions of volunteers logging small litter discoveries through the app is the key to all of our work.

We have so far documented over 290,000 pieces of litter through our app since 2016. With the help of our dedicated patrollers, our goal is to reach the 1 million mark!

Our annual report published at the start of 2019 reached all the way to the government as well as eight of the UK’s top polluting brands, who we are in continuous dialogue with. The contributions to our research made through the Planet Patrol app have been crucial in giving us the platform needed to affect change at the highest possible level.

Hire your equipment

We have litter pickers, bag hoops and gloves ready for you to use to collect your litter. We also have some bags however would encourage you to use some of those old bags for life that have seen better days. Lets not add to the problem!

Photograph it - Map it

Use the awesome Planet Patrol app to record your findings. Its really important we take this extra bit of time to submit our findings so the data can be used to help speak with the souce of the pollution to help reduce it in future years

Collect Litter

Unfortunately there is not much need to go out of your way to collect litter, when you start looking for it, you will be surprised how much you find. Choose an area close to home or on your daily walk

Share your haul

Social media is a powerful tool so please use it! Let your family and friends know about the awesome work you have done, which in turn, may encorage them to do a litter pic themselves or even just think about not dropping litter in the future

#planetpatrol #Norfolklitterwarrior


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