Hey Everyone,
I feel lucky to live in such an awesome city and what a wonderful way to explore our ‘fine city’ than on the River Wensum and River Yare by Paddle Board, Kayak or Canoe! The way it frees your mind being outside in the fresh air – The peace and tranquility it gives with the optimal environment for meditation. A perfect place to make lasting memories with family and friends.
After an incredibly strange I tried to make the most of our city, with its beautiful parks and river network. Being out and about I met so many people who also explored the river along with those who never got around it this year but really wanted to.
For me, paddle boarding has helped me get through. I’ve loved the new friends I have made and know that our river has more to offer me and you in 2021. However, it’s not all about take and I want to see where I can give back…. so this is where my petition comes in.
2020 may have seen a global pandemic but it has also seen an increase of people exploring whats right in front of them, so let’s keep the positives of this year and take them forward to the next. I thought it would be great if we can get another pontoon/launch placed near Carrow Road/Riverside to enable people to keep using the river and to keep its users safe. Designated launch spots enable more people access to our wonderful river and enables us to explore and experience our abundance of wild-life our rivers have whilst also keeping natural habitats undisturbed. I’m pretty sure that there are a vast amount of people who have still never seen a Kingfisher in real life, darting along the river and diving into feed. I loved seeing them in the Summer as I paddled silently along. I now want to do more to protect our wildlife whilst at the same time enabling as many of you to experience it for yourself. I know that you will also want to do more to protect it once you know whats right on our doorsteps.
The Broads Authority/Norwich City council/Norfolk County Council have little money to help keep our rivers maintained and, we are lucky to have so many here in Norfolk!. Increasing its use/whilst also protecting the river and its wildlife is a fine balance. It’s important to work positively with the relevant authorities to make sure this can happen.
Thank you for taking the time to read and please click the link to sign – The Broads Authority want to have a conversation and want people to be having a great, safe time on the river. Getting these signatures will help show them what a great addition to River and Norwich this would be.
Please click the below link to sign the petition