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1 week ago

Norfolk Paddle Boards

Please have a read, like and let me know what you think. Thank you 🙏

Yesterday I woke up to someones comments saying that norfolk paddle boards isn’t inclusive as we have a woman’s only group - we also have a mens only group and we also have 2 ( sometimes 3 ) social paddles a week for all to come and join.

One thing I love about SUP is just how inclusive it is. It’s a sport that’s enjoyed by so many people of all different ages, genders , abilities and shapes 🙂

Last night whilst paddling up the river from the back looking upon a troop of paddlers in front all having a great time - smiling, laughing , meeting new people . It really is something quite special. If I could bottle this up… I would! If you have not experienced a paddle with us, come down and say hey and give it a go!

Norfolk paddle boards is proud of who we are and how much we have achieved. This is all possible thanks to you guys who continue to paddle with us. Thank you 🙏 x

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Your support is truly outstanding. I know what we do is inclusive but I also don't think it's bad to sometimes just, 'check in' with ones business and reassure that what you do is incredible. Sometimes as a business owner.. and Im sure there are others out there who do the same, we get so bogged down in the day to day, we forget why we do it. Norfolk Paddle Boards is a place set up for the people of this fine county and all the people who visit. providing a place to unwind and rebalance our busy minds... whilst sometimes feeling rather unbalanced on the board haha.Norwich, a fine city full of incredible independent business' I love this city and the people who make it!

Seriously? 🤦🏼‍♀️ you guys need not worry at all. Norfolk Paddle Boards are warm, welcoming, patient and INCLUSIVE. Anyone that says otherwise obviously isn’t aware of all that you offer. Keep dong the great work that you are doing and remember how many people are making amazing memories all due to you guys and gals. 👍🏻

It’s VERY inclusive, in fact totally inclusive, you offer every option available- make, female, mixed social, individual lessons. Honestly, please don’t take it to heart, people like to make snap judgements & are too quick to criticise. Be proud

As others have already said you guys are totally inclusive. I cant think of any situation you don’t cover there is something for everyone. Keep doing what you are great at.

Inclusive is the first word I would use to describe NPB, with the second being welcoming! Hard to go wrong when mixing with such lovely people in such beautiful and peaceful surroundings 😊👍🏻

My belief is that offering single sex group paddles is in fact being inclusive! It’s offering the chance to include people who may find a mixed group difficult for some reason. Without the option they might not join the group. It’s inclusive to offer a range of options that gives everyone an equal opportunity to access! My friend was sitting by the river last night and saw the group paddle by (must’ve been you guys?) and was in awe of the sight!

Lee, you have done amazing well with Norfolk Paddle Boards it's such a friendly, loving, funny, inclusive atmosphere. I am proud for you. It's a huge success 🤗

It's very inclusive, the times we have been there has always been a great mixture of male, female, old and young, families and singles. Each time, everyone has been very friendly with one another, with great atmosphere, lots of laughs and encouragement from everyone.

Be very proud, there are always key board warriors. Don’t respond and don’t let it get to you. You should be very proud and there are will always be some people who feel that they have to be negative. Look at all the joy on those peoples faces.

If it wasn't for your warm, friendly and supportive approach every time I've been, I wouldn't have come back time and time again ❤️

As Brene Brown says ‘If you're not in the arena also getting your ass kicked, I'm not interested in your feedback’. I may be wrong but I doubt the person who commented has a SUP business? You’re doing mighty Lee. There’ll always be one fecker being a negative ninny! Bring them out for a paddle and chat it out! Keep going x

This comment is quite ignorant as by offering women’s only and men’s only sessions you are removing barriers to participation for some cultures and for anyone who is more comfortable in a single sex environment for whatever reason. E.g Muslim women are more likely to join a women’s only session. You offer something for everyone. NPB’s is the friendliest most welcoming and inclusive community so keep doing what you are doing Lee. It’s fabulous!

Those comments are a load of tosh! I don't know how you could be more inclusive? 😆 You've even got a single social as well as the mixed paddle social and as you said you've got 'Whatsup' for an all men's group and 'These Girls Paddle' for an all women's group, you've covered every group possible 🤷‍♀️ You're doing great Lee & the rest of the NPB team 👏

Norfolk Paddle Boards is the epitome of inclusivity, you guys just want to get as many people out onto the water and see those happy smiling faces as you can. I wonder if the person who made those comments has actually paddled with you guys. Be proud you are all amazing, you’ve managed to get my from falling in constantly to be able to stand, smile and live SUPing! Xx

Let them talk 💪🏾 keep doing the best that you have been doing and don't waste your time and energy with this kind of people. PS: When is your next paddle meet?

Just keep doing what you're doing 👍🏻

The comment no doubt will have been from someone tanked up scrolling Facebook. Invite them for a trundle up the river let’s see how long they last. It’s harder than you think 😆😆😆 xx

There will always be idiots out there. Just tell em to fcuk off Lee and keep doing what you do. 😜

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1 week ago

Norfolk Paddle Boards

@thesegirlspaddle is back with a new look and huge amount of energy behind it.

Now lead by the awesome @sup_your_game , Shona has all sorts up her wetsuit sleeve this year for all you lovely ladies out there who fancy a paddle and maybe a glass of something in the pub afterwards. This is a great community, enabling you to grow your friendship groups and learn new experiences whilst doing what we love - paddling.

Have any questions… just fire them over to @thesegirlspaddle

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Frances Webster soon when we get a chance xx

Yassss Shona!!! Can’t wait to get back out with you all now!!!! 💛💛💛 Awesome news xx

Clare McNaught this is perfect!!!

3 weeks ago

Norfolk Paddle Boards

Paddle Boarding is a great way to explore, unwind and regroup oneself.

Our incredibly popular social paddles also gives you the space to meet new people, hang out with old friends or just know that there are some friendly people on the water who are there if you need them.

These events are a perfect opportunity to practice your paddling, helping your confidence build and that leg wobble dissipate whilst giving you that distraction we sometimes need from day to day life.

Bring your own board or hire one of ours. Either way, we would love to see you join us for a lovely paddle.

More information can be found on our website.

#norwich #norfolk #thingstodoinnorwich #paddleboarding #river #paddlevents #Sup #smallbusinessnorwich #paddle #social #community #support #mentalhealth #meander
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Our first Sup’N Sauna social sup happened and it was awesome! Thank you @saunaboxhq for coming to see us!

Great to see so many of you coming and enjoying something both Tom and I are so passionate about.

Some turned up for sup, others just for the sauna and some of you got the pleasure of doing both .

Seeing so many of you also stay after for some delicious food back at the @redlionbishopgate was wonderful.

All I could see and hear were smiles and laughter from people smashing their Mondays. It was awesome!

Remember , the sauna is at the first Monday sup social so if you don’t want to miss out - get booking for June 🙂

#sauna #social #community #norwich #norfolk #paddleboarding #sup #wellness #river
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3 weeks ago

Norfolk Paddle Boards

April - what a month!

Firstly, thank you to those who have paddled with us already this year! You are all truly awesome!

I’m super pleased with our first month back open and so excited for an awesome season full of opportunities to paddle.

Sometimes it’s good to reflect on our individual achievements as well as those we achieve together. The SUP community is growing and it’s super awesome!

Not had chance to get out yet…. Don’t worry, there is still time!

However time goes fast so make time for you and come and join us for a paddle soon.

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