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Good morning to me, from me.

One of my NPB goals for this year is to blog more, and on Mondays, I'm going to share with you a personal blog. Sometimes this may come from a guest, but most of the time it will be me and my thoughts. A little insight into my mind. Read it, don't read it.... it more for me than you. I can look back and cringe at what I was thinking or remind myself of what I want to achieve.

So, good morning to me, from me.


House repairs

I was getting into bed last night and had a sudden urge to re join the gym and start tomorrow!

So I went into the kitchen where I keep my phone over night, re joined the gym and booked a spin class for 6:30am! Boom.... getting back into shape, stage one. Complete!

This has all come from needing to get a bigger size pair of jeans and also having a chat with a dear friend about age and the fact I'm not getting younger.

Something I read recently talked about house renovations, maintenance and care. We spend money on repairing cracks in our walls. Giving our living rooms a fresh coat of paint. Knowing the electrics are a little dodgy so we should have the house re-wired before it causes a fire. Or, noticing that in the recent winds the tiles became loose and we should really have the roof re tiled before it all comes crashing down.

Yet when do we actually think in this way about the house we live in for c.80 years. Our bodies. When do we actually carry out work on ourselves as a preventative measure instead of being reactive?

This year, I'm going to start trying to think in this way more. preventing my house from crumbling. This includes full body and mind, they are both important! I want to bleed the days for as much as I can. See as much of them with a clear mind as I can. That doesn't mean rushing around and trying to do as much as I can in each day. I actually want to do the opposite. I want to stop and look and listen more. See the day, not rush though the day. Enjoy sitting in Kofra drinking my coffee and reading my book. Enjoy a Sunday stroll through the city feeling the energy. Enjoy the time I spend on the water either alone or with others. Enjoy the time with my friends making memories, laughing, listening, talking.

I have started moving more over the last couple of weeks. Stretching and some home yoga! Wow... it's certainly highlighted how much my body doesn't move.... or worse, can't move. It's never too late to start new habits.

  • Vincent Van Gogh didn’t paint until 27.

  • Julia Child didn’t know French cuisine until 30. She only started appearing on The French Chef after turning 51.

  • The late Alan Rickman didn’t start acting until he was 42.

  • Fauja Singh, who became the first 100-year-old to run a marathon, started running marathons at the age of 89.

Anyway.... I got up at 6 and went to the gym. I booked the class at the wrong gym so didn't get to spin but still did a 30 minute work out. I got to feel the morning light against my face ( also trying to improve my circadian rhythm)

Tomorrow is another day!

Have a wonderful week being you and maybe, if you have a spare ten minutes. Just sit there with your own thoughts and give 'your house' a once over. Be aware of it and it's capabilities and possible areas you might need to have a look at. Just make a small change. Be that drinking a glass of water after reading this or getting outside for a little walk before work.

Signing off until next time.


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1 Comment

Great analogy! Although my house has definitely sprung a few leaks lately. Your motivation is inspiring … and hopefully contagious!! ❤️

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