Privacy Legislation

Privacy Legislation 

Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd abides by any Privacy legislation that is applicable to the country. This legislation generally states how personal information can be collected, used, stored and kept secure. It also gives a person the right to look at their personal information and correct it if it is wrong this is set out in our data protection policy. 

In summary, Privacy Legislation can include: 

  • telling people you collect personal information and what you will do with it 
  • only using personal information about people in ways that they would expect 
  • not passing personal information on to others, without telling the person 
  • giving people the chance to see any information you hold about them if they ask for it 
  • keeping personal information in a safe place this will be a locked cupboard 

All staff are required to keep exclusive knowledge of Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd or its clients within Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd. Such information is not to be passed on, or made available, to any parties outside of Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd

All staff sign the Staff Declaration form, prior to commencing employment, that: 

  • they are aware of, and undertake to comply with, Privacy legislative and regulatory requirements 
  • understand and abide by Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd Privacy Policy 
  • agree not to disclose confidential information about Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd or its clients