Recruitment Procedure

Recruitment Procedure 

All staff undergo a screening process to ensure qualified people are employed to deliver or assist in the delivery of the water activity. 

Staff means paid or unpaid employees, contractors and volunteers. 

Staff are recruited by qualified personnel and according to the recruitment process: 

  1. Applicant completes Employment Application form 
  2. Interviews applicant and completes Interview Notes form 
  3. Copies of all certificates / paperwork / licences are obtained. 
  4. Applicant completes any practical demonstration of skills needed for the position (as required).
  1. References are obtained from former employer/s contacting the referee and filling in the 

Reference Check form. 

If applicant is accepted, Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd completes Employee File form and creates an Employee office file. 

If not accepted, file Employment Application is filed in Employment Applications- Unsuccessful file. 


Qualifications and Experience 

Instructors must hold appropriate qualifications and experience relevant to the particular water activity. 

In addition, instructors are required to have a thorough knowledge of: 

  • the characteristics of the activity location 
  • dangerous marine creatures, non dangerous marine creatures, insects and other hazardous creatures that inhabit the lesson location 
  • location of near-by rescue and medical assistance 
  • emergency vehicle access 
  • emergency phone numbers keyed into mobile phone 


Refer to: Specified instructor qualifications and experience are required for different water activities. 


Instructor job positions are designated “child related positions” as the instructor may at any time have children in their lessons. 

If required by legislation, Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd obtains “Working with Children” check information and files this on the employees file before they can start employment DBS check. 


New staff undergo an induction process in order to familiarise them with: 

  • the organisation and their duties 
  • colleagues 
  • premises and equipment 
  • training materials and processes 
  • policies and procedures 
  • health and safety and risk management 
  • relevant legislation 

At the time of employment, all staff receive a copy emailed : 

  • Policies and Procedures Manual 
  • Specific activity “Policy and Procedures Supplement” 
  • Specific activity Risk Management Register