Reporting Incidents / accidents 

Reporting incidents / accidents 

In the event of an incident or accident, the supervising staff member completes an Incident Report form immediately after the incident or accident occurs.

Incident report forms are completed for all incidents / accidents regardless of how minor they may be. 

Incident Report forms are found by visiting  

The incident / accident must be reported to the owner as soon as practicable after the accident. 

The completed Incident Report is given to the owner within 24 hours of the incident / accident occurring. 

The Owner is responsible for: 

  • Sending a copy of the Incident Report form to WSA head office 
  • organising contact with the client and other interested parties, as relevant. 
  • reviewing details of the incident/ accident to determine any changes to operational procedure, risk management policy or staff disciplinary action. 

The Incident Report form is kept for a period 10 years (in case of future legal action). 

Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd abides by legislation that requires the employer to report work places incidents to government agencies. This includes reporting: work-related deaths, major injuries or over-three-day injuries, work related disease, and dangerous occurrences (near miss accidents. Reference: RIDDOR UK: