Risk Management Policy and Procedure

Risk Management Statement: Policy and Procedure


1.1 Policy 

Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd aims to use best practice in risk management. Our aim is to minimise reasonably foreseeable harm, and undesirable occurrences, to people, the environment and loss or damage of assets as a result of Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd activities. 

We will ensure risk management is an integral part of all our decision-making processes, we identify and take advantage of opportunities, as well as minimising adverse effects and we will strive to continually improve our risk management practises. 

1.2 Process 

A risk management systematic process has been established, based on the Health and safety executive. 

Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd attempts to address potential hazards before they actually lead to problems. 

This approach focuses on: 1. risk identification 2. risk assessment 3. a risk elimination or reduction plan 4. implementation of plan 5. constant evaluation and modification of the plan 

1.3 Monitoring and Review 

Regular monitoring and review of risks is an important part of the Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd’ activities. Management regularly reviews the Risk Assessments to ensure it is in keeping and up to date. 

1.4 Responsibilities 

Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd owner is responsible for the implementation of the risk management process and ultimately responsible for the management of risks in the business’ events and activities. 

All employees are responsible for managing risks in their areas. 

Clients and others involved in Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd activities have a responsibility to comply with risk management policy and procedures and not knowingly put themselves or others at risk. 


2. Procedure 

2.1 Risk Identification 

Identified risks are recorded in the Specific Activity Risk Management Register 


2.2 Risk Assessment 

The likelihood of the risk occurring is rated according to the likelihood and consequence table and is recorded against the relevant risk, in the Risk Management Register. 

2.3 Risk Elimination or Reduction Plan 

Actions to eliminate or reduce the risk are recorded in the Risk Management Register against the relevant risk. 

Factors to consider, when eliminating or reducing the risk, are: 

  • age of clients 
  • type of activity 
  • any injury history 
  • equipment requirements and maintenance 
  • weather and environment 
  • appropriate insurance cover 


2.4 Implementation of the Plan 

All staff are responsible for implementing the Risk Management Plan. 


2.5 Evaluation and Modification of the Plan 

Evaluation and modification is conducted on an ongoing basis with input from staff, clients and management. Any areas of safety concern are reported to the Chief Executive Officer who is then responsible for modifying the Risk Management Register as appropriate.

Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd maintains up to date and adequate insurance. Other insurance cover is obtained as required by government legislation. 

Instructors Qualifications and Experience 

Lessons are only delivered by accredited instructors who have demonstrated specific water activity skill and knowledge and hold current WSA/ British Canoe or ASI Rescue and Senior First Aid certificates. 

Marketing and Advertising

Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd is committed to integrity, accuracy, and professionalism in its marketing activities. The information provided to clients will avoid vague or ambiguous statements and false or misleading comparisons with other providers or programs. 

Customer Service

 Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd is committed to providing exceptional customer service to clients.