Running a lesson/session

Lesson Plans 

Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd has a written lesson plan for Beginner level group lessons. 

Lessons also incorporate relevant water safety information. 

Individual lesson plans are developed in consultation with the student for personalised lesson delivery. 


The supervising staff member is responsible for: 

  • planning activities 
  • identifying conditions suitable for the clients 
  • organising clients into groups according to: 
  • age 
  • gender 
  • fitness level 
  • medical conditions 
  • disabilities 
  • skill 
  • language differences 
  • attitude/ behaviour/motivation 

Theory components of the water activity are to be delivered in an area where clients are able to hear and see what the supervising staff member is saying/doing. Clients should be protected from the hot sun or wind and cold. 

Refer to: Specified planning needs are required for different water activities. 


The supervising staff member, conducting the water activity is responsible for preparation of the activity format and deciding if the activity should proceed. A number of factors are taken into consideration and these are listed in the specific water activity Policy and Procedures.

Sufficient time should be allocated before the activity to check that conditions at the location are suitable for the client group, enable equipment check, organising signing of Indemnity Sign On waiver forms and select appropriate equipment for the location and the client. 

Prior to each activity, the supervising staff member completes and/or organises: 

Safety Checklist 

Assess water conditions, check instructor / staff requirements, equipment, emergency response equipment, health and safety equipment and class size ➢ Complete session Checklist Form

Client Assessment 

Assess clients to determine if they can participate in the water activity 

Assesses client to ensure allocation to correct lesson skill level / group 

Equipment and Clothing

Allocate appropriate equipment and clothing to clients (as required) 

Advise clients to wear sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, footwear on hot ground


 Organise transport of clients to/from lesson location (if location is different to meeting place) 

Conducting the Activity 

The supervising staff member is responsible for teaching safety information to clients prior to entering the water.  During the lesson, the supervising staff member must ensure they place themselves in positions that allow them to monitor all clients, in the water, at all times.  If the conditions become unsafe during the lesson, the supervising staff member should either cancel the activity or modify the activity to make it safe (e.g. practice skills on the riverside). 

Client head counts are undertaken prior to entering, and exiting, the water. 


At the completion of the lesson, the supervising staff member: 

  • Retrieves equipment and clothing from the client 
  • Checks equipment and clothing for damage 
  • Organises cleaning and storage of equipment and clothing 
  • Reports any damaged equipment to the owner 
  • Gives Safety Checklist form and completed Indemnity Sign On form/s to the Administration Manager for filing. 



The Supervising staff member is responsible for undertaking and recording assessments and evaluations that may be required. 

Assessments and evaluations are to be completed in the approved manner as determined by Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd owner.