Why not explore Norwich by Stand up Paddle (SUP) and by Beryl Bike all in one afternoon.

Explore some of the City’s incredible parks, architecture and history with a bike ride before then getting on one of our Redpaddle Boards and take a gentle paddle through the city seeing it from a different perspective.

You can then get some light refreshment from one of our awesome riverside pubs. A perfect day out to be enjoyed with family and friends.


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How Beryl Works?


Explore Norwich on our bikes and e-scooters

Choose the easy, convenient way to get around Norwich. Nip from the station to the cathedral, or stop off at the city’s famous market to pick up supplies for the week. With Beryl Bays placed throughout the city, you’ll always find a bike or scooter nearby whether you want to cycle to work, meet up with friends or get out and enjoy the beautiful riverside.


Unlock, ride and park

Download the app and unlock a bike. Enjoy the ride, then park in a Beryl Bay or in a considerate location of your choice. A convenience fee will apply for out of bay parking.

Beryl Zone

Beryl Bikes can be found within a large, designated operating zone across the city, clearly marked on the map above and in the app. You’ll be charged a penalty for parking outside the Beryl Zone.

As somebody who does a lot of walking it’s so convenient to double or even triple your travel speed at the drop of a hat. It’s quicker than the bus as you can take more direct routes, there’s no waiting time either, and it works out at less than half the price!

Gregory, Beryl Bike Rider

Where to cycle in Norwich



Norwich has one of the highest levels of walking and cycling in the country.

It is a great way to integrate exercise into daily life – getting to work, study and the shops. More people walking and cycling will help to combat traffic congestion and cut down on air pollution.

Making Norwich a safer, even more pleasant place to walk and cycle in is an important part of the city and county council’s transport strategy and investment continues to be made into new projects.

Where to PADDLE



Norwich is so lucky to have the beautiful River Wensum flowing through. 

The River Wensum aptly takes its name from the Anglo-Saxon word for ‘winding’.

You can collect a Norfolk Paddle Board from one of our River Side Pub locations giving you more time out paddling and less time pumping. We figured you have already warmed up with the bike ride. 

When booking your board please select your chosen location to paddle from. You then have 2 hours out on the River to explore. 

Check out some of the routes you can take (page coming soon) 

Norfolk Paddle Boards takes no responsibility for any accident/injury caused whilst using the beryl bike share. Any issues with your beryl bike please contact them direct via the app