Salhouse Broad –  COMING SOON

Salhouse Broad is located on the River Bure between Wroxham and Horning, in the heart of the Norfolk Broads. There is woodland, reedbed and grassland accessible to visitors. Salhouse Broad is part of the Broads Executive Area and also lies within Salhouse Conservation Area.

Salhouse is unique among the Broads both because of its origins, and its mosaic of habitats. It is commonly known that the Broads originated with medieval peat diggings, which flooded as sea levels rose and transformed into the network of rivers, wetlands and lakes we see today. Salhouse Broad, however, was not excavated for peat, but for another important resource of the time: gravel, probably deposited by the glaciers which extended to Norfolk during the last ice age. Now, Salhouse Broad has excellent examples of mature dry woodland, wet woodland (alder carr), gorse scrub, open fen and reedbed, and open water, and draws a range of beautiful wildlife to its banks.

People visit Salhouse Broad for its beautiful landscape and wildlife, its rural character, and the laid-back, relaxed atmosphere for which the area is renowned. It is a special place rich in personality and distinctiveness, wildlife, history and heritage. It is an ideal place to walk the dog, hunting for the elusive swallowtail butterfly, or just relax and leave the modern world, with all its stresses, behind.

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