Sun Safety Policy

Sun Safety Policy 

The health and safety of instructors, staff and participants is of primary concern 

Excessive sun exposure can have an immediate negative impact on performance and hydration and can cause painful sunburn. Exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation also increases the risk of skin damage and skin cancer. 

The actions explained in this policy can help to reduce the harmful effects of exposure to UV radiation and reduce the risk of skin cancer. Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd has a duty of care to provide a safe environment for everyone involved in our activities. Providing a safe environment includes protecting people from the harmful effects of UV radiation. 

As part of our commitment to the health and safety of instructors, staff and participants, Norfolk Paddle Boards ltd will: 

  1. Actively promote sun safety 
  2. Encourage spectators, instructors, staff and participants to use the shade of trees, buildings and other structures. 
  3. Provide shade structures for instructors, staff, participants and spectators where possible, and encourage people to bring their own umbrellas and shade tents. 

Provide or promote the use of the following sun protection items by instructors, staff and participants: 

  • uniform/clothing that covers as much skin as possible, including shirts/tops with a longer sleeve and a collar, and long shorts or trousers. 
  • Hats that shade the face, head, neck and ears, such as wide-brimmed, bucket or legionnaire-style hats (baseball caps do not provide adequate sun protection). 
  • wrap-around sunglasses that are close fitting and meet the relevant country standard (as applicable). 

Increase awareness of sun safety and skin cancer by:

  • including sun safety in briefing sessions 
  • providing resources about sun safety and skin cancer 
  • promoting sun safety through newsletters and advertising, and through announcements at sessions/events/competitions 
  • extending these activities to raise awareness among family members and spectators. 

Encourage instructors and staff to act as role models by practising sun safety themselves.