Indemnity and Waiver forms

Indemnity Forms 

All clients are required to sign the Indemnity Sign On waiver form prior to participation in water activities this is done online through the website booking system. People who fail to sign the digital form will be given paper copies. 

Clients must sign each and every time they participate in the water activity.

A parent or guardian is required to sign for children under 18 years of age. 

The staff member supervising the water activity, is responsible for ensuring clients sign the Indemnity Sign On waiver form. 

The Indemnity Sign On wavier form asks if the client has any medical conditions If a client answers yes, the staff member is to ask the client, in privacy, what this is and then record the medical condition on the session form  back of the Indemnity Sign On form. The staff member will decide if the client can proceed in the water activity. 

The staff member supervising the activity is responsible for handing Indemnity Sign On waiver forms to the Administration Manager for filing for future reference. 

Indemnity Sign On waiver forms are filed and kept for 10 years (in case of future legal action). 


Completed forms can be found by Clicking Here (please note, access to the check front booking system is required. Please contact your system administrator if you require access)

Please see below master agreements which are completed online via the website. Staff can access this and get customers to complete online via the onsite tablet

Hire Agreement and Terms and Conditions

Participant Form