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My Paddle Board Adventure

 Congratulations on booking a session with Norfolk Paddle Boards

We have put together some information we hope will answer your questions, however, if there is anything unanswered please just drop us a message or give Lee a call on 07469799667.




Please check your booking details regarding your selected location.

The Red Lion Bishopgate

The Redlion Bishopgate, 79 Bishopgate, Norwich, NR1 4AA

Carpark unavailable. Closest Carpark is a short 3 min walk at St Helens Wharf, Norwich NR3 1RZ

The Redlion Bishopgate

The Rivergarden 

The Rivergarden, 36 Yarmouth Road, Norwich NR7 0EQ

Carpark available but minimal. Free on street parking near.

The River Garden




We are passionate about keeping you and others safe whilst out on the water with us. So we can make sure we give you the best possible experience, we ask you to complete this medical form so we are aware of anything prior to your paddle adventure with us.



What to wear in colder weather? OCTOBER TO APRIL

The Water can be very cold even though it maybe sunny outside so remember that. Again the trick is layers you can remove and trying to keep the wind off any parts of you that get wet. Wind chill can be cold and uncomfortable.

You will be given a 30l dry bag to out any layers in you want to take with you on your lesson.

  • Layers –  Synthetic based tee’s/ hoodie/ jumpers 
  • 7mm wetsuit boots 
  • Short Sleeve Wetsuit (long John) or Neoprene Leggings
  • Thermal / Wicking Top, this can be worn over or under your long john depending if you might want to remove it
  • 2nd thermal or Neoprene top if you wish
  • Neoprene Jacket or Windstopper Jacket
  • An optional extras is Windstopper Trousers over your leggings
  • Neoprene Beanie/warm hat
  • Neoprene Glove or Mitts
What to wear in warmer weather? - APRIL TO OCTOBER

Spring can be a temperamental yet beautiful season. Full of life and those bright green buds on trees with blossom and spring bulbs helping to brighten our days. however….. don’t be fooled. The sun has had little time to warm up our waters. The air maybe warm, but the river will be cold.

When paddle boarding there are quite a few choices from Wetsuits, Neoprene layers all the way up to Dry Suits.

If you feel you might be falling in a bit into cold water, we would suggest a wetsuit and we do have some to hire if need be. However, we are aiming for you not to fall in on our flat water leisure paddling lesson so we take a different view on this. Wetsuits were designed for ‘in water’ water sports and not designed to be ‘on top’ of the water. This therefore can cause paddle boarders to get over hot, sweaty or just feel uncomfortable.

Other options are;

  • Neoprene or Quickdry Leggings/sports gear
  • Neoprene / Thermal / Quick dry long or short sleeve tops with sun protection
  • Neoprene Jacket, Windstopper Jacket, Quick Dry Jackets and Hoodies for when its got a bit chilly
  • Neoprene boots or shoes / old trainers that you don’t mind getting wet
  • FLIP FLOPS and SLIDERS for while you are moving around the site


What else to bring.
  • Something to change into in case you get wet or warm clothes layers to put over you after you get out
  • Water
  • Suncream for those sunny days
  • Sunglasses( please note we take no responsibility if you loose these or they fall off, so make sure they are secured to your person)
  • Snacks for the journey home
  • Towel ( Just in case)
  • Sliders or Flip flops for moving around the site
Session Content - Guided adventures and Lessons

We will be covering the following:

  • Your equipment
  • How to get on the board
  • How to stand up
  • How to turn
  • How to self rescue if you fall off

After that we will then go for a guided paddle along the river to explore from a different perspective. 


How long is the session? Lessons and Guided Adventures

The session will last approx 1.5 –  2 hours depending on how the weather is 

Are there changing facilites

We currently don’t have any changing facilities on site. There are toilets in the Pub however. 

The Rivergarden does not open until 12pm so facilities will not be available until then