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A high performance teardrop adjustable paddle (550g) with a full carbon flexible shaft that offers performance, easy storage/travel and multiple paddler use. Premium paddle handcrafted in Thailand. Paddle comes with a protective cover case to ensure complete protection so that the blade doesn’t scratch or damage in storage / transport to keep your paddle good as new.

The Mana Blade

The Mana (Power in Maori) blade is the perfect blade for dynamic strokes. With a large surface area, the Mana blade is perfect for agile turns, added balance and maximising speed from each stroke. Suitable for all-around paddling, surfers and speedsters. 

2022 2 Piece Carbon Paddle - Brazilian Rosewood - Mana Blade

£294.99 Regular Price
£176.99Sale Price
  • Teardrop Blade Area: 84.5in2/545cm2
    Blade Angle: 10 Degrees
    Length x Width: 7.5 x 17.75in/19 x 45cm
    Weight: 550g


    • Plant-based bio resin infused – that's right, plant based glue!
    • 100% long grain low-density FSC certified balsa wood core
    • Unique Eye-catching Wood Veneer Wrap for added strength
    • Extended reinforcement UD carbon neck for extra strength
    • Full ABS protective rail all around the blade and next to protect both your paddle and board

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