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The What'SUP group

The idea of What’SUP is to get blokes to start small talking groups with mates, new and old. Man time. This isn’t because anything is wrong, it’s about keeping mentally fit and physically active.

  • The What'Sup Paddle (RG)
    The What'Sup Paddle (RG)
    Other Dates Available
    Sat, 21 Oct
    21 Oct, 14:00 – 16:00
    Norwich, 36 Yarmouth Rd, Norwich NR7 0EQ, UK
    21 Oct, 14:00 – 16:00
    Norwich, 36 Yarmouth Rd, Norwich NR7 0EQ, UK
    Join us for our Monthly Mens Paddle - The idea of the What'SUP group is to encourage men to start small talking groups. Talking and Listening whilst doing something active is great for physical and mental health
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My name is Chris

I’m a Movember Ambassador and the founder of The What’SUP Group. I started our men’s stand up paddleboard sessions to give me a sense of fulfillment and affiliation, in a time when I was struggling physically and mentally. 

I have spent my whole life playing in sports teams, but due to injury and family commitments I haven’t been able to commit to a team for a long time. 

I run and cycle alot but due to an ankle injury, I had also neglected that. Throw in a pandemic, a second child on the way and career identity issues, and I was really starting to crumble mentally. Anxiety was affecting everything I did. I was short tempered, angry,  bitter and feeling guilty about things that I shouldn’t have been. 

My work with Movember has always highlighted to me that there are other men in similar situations as I was. I needed to give myself designated time to reflect on my thoughts and try to regulate my emotions. I have found that floating on the river, slowing down and talking to other guys, has really helped me focus on what is important and has given me a chance to make new friends, who I would otherwise have never met.

All I really want to do is be a good dad, husband, brother, son and friend. I hope The What’SUP Group and the SUP60 Challenge can support others to do the same.  


Chris Wall

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